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Ayurvedic Treatments for Back Pain, Especially Lower Back

The spine provides support to the body, keeps it erect and allows it to move as desired. It is composed of a complex network of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and disks that work in tandem. Even a minor problem in any of these components can lead to back pain, to the extent of limiting daily activities and requiring absence from work.

In fact, back pain is the most common physical ailment afflicting humans today. It can be triggered by different conditions like a fall or injury, disc problems, narrowing of the spinal canal, strained muscles or even arthritis. Improper posture, being overweight, aging or even lifting something improperly/making an abrupt movement can also lead to back pain. Pregnant women often experience lower back pain which may even linger post-delivery.

Pain anywhere in the back can turn chronic – this can range from a dull ache to even becoming debilitating. Rest and relaxation can bring temporary relief at best, followed by the same frustration once again.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Doctors try to pinpoint the cause of the pain and prescribe analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and other medications to reduce the flare-ups and making the pain manageable. Needless to say, they come with unwanted side effects and are not intended for prolonged use.

Physiotherapy can help to some extent. The last resort for unrelenting back pain is surgery. It is used to relieve nerve compression, disc complications and other structural problems.


Maintaining a healthy weight, good posture, strengthening the muscles and doing regular exercise can significantly lower the risk of developing back pain.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

The ancient system of Ayurveda believes that any vitiation in the vata (air) dosha creates bone and muscle weakness which can manifest as back pain. Realigning this dosha will create a state of equilibrium and promote full body healing. The natural healing system calls on herbal drugs, topical applications and other treatments to provide safe, effective and lasting relief.  

Swaantana’s Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain includes pichu, kati vasthi, local pizhichil and patra potli swedam. The specialists will make a thorough study of the person’s bodily conditions, predominant imbalance, severity of pain and underlying causes before advising appropriate therapies and medications for a specific period to deliver the maximum recovery possible. They can also provide both internal and external ayurvedic medicine for back pain after delivery.

The treatments usually involve application of steam, application of warm medicated oil, massage and detoxification. And very soon, you will be crying once again, but the tears will be of intense relief this time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spine treatment in Ayurveda forms one of the best treatments for back pain. It will not only cure the problem but also deliver overall improvement in health by rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. Results can vary depending on the type and severity of the back pain.

While Ayurvedic therapy for back pain can be very helpful, keep in mind that bad posture is the prime cause of back pain as it disrupts the positioning of the spine. Making a conscious effort to maintain proper posture when walking, standing and sitting, especially when working at the desk, can work wonders.

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