Shirodhara Therapy
Shirodhara relaxes the mind and brings the perfect balance between the mind and body.Ayurveda is a very powerful tool for
natural remedies
Stress, when neglected can result in physical manifestations and illness. Read some simple solutions to managing stress effectively.  Stress is
It is no secret that the air we breathe today is impure, and the number of lung-related diseases is on
Breast cancer awareness month
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a time dedicated towards raising awareness for breast cancer and honoring and supporting those
Naturopathy and diabetes
Lifestyle disorders and chronic ailments are rampant. Everybody is looking towards naturopathy or natural treatments as a means to better
When it comes to health, there really can be no stone left unturned. With the current sedentary lifestyles of many
moringa leaves
What Is Moringa?Moringa oleifera is a plant that grows in parts of Northern India as well as sub-tropical places such
We live in an increasingly toxic world. From diet purges to a full body cleanse - detoxifying is the all
A change in season comes with various pathogens, contaminated water, differing temperatures - all these and more pose an increased