Asthma can be easily managed with a few simple breathing exercises and asanas in Yoga. We live in a polluted
Meditation brings more than just peace of mind!  Naturopathy combines traditional knowledge with modern healing. The aim is to target
Hot stone therapy
Hot stones reduce pain and improve body posture. The plague of back pain was usually seen in the middle-aged and
yoga and meditation
Back pain can be easily managed and gotten rid of through regular practise of Yoga. Pain and inflammation of the
Naturopathy focuses on healing from within and removing the root-cause of the health disorder.  There are several treatment methods that
A mix of therapies help bring down the unhealthy weight and also prevent it from returning. Healthy living should be
Pleasant, serene and natural - a wellness retreat helps take away bodily ailments.  Health was once a part of everyday
musculoskeletal pain
Treatment for joint, muscle, and deep seated body pains with simple Natural Therapies. With our hectic work schedules and incessant
Shirodhara Therapy
Shirodhara relaxes the mind and brings the perfect balance between the mind and body.Ayurveda is a very powerful tool for
natural remedies
Stress, when neglected can result in physical manifestations and illness. Read some simple solutions to managing stress effectively.  Stress is