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Hot Stone Therapy For Back Pain

Hot stones reduce pain and improve body posture.

The plague of back pain was usually seen in the middle-aged and ageing population. But today, with the advent of laptops and long hours on hard chairs, even the young are facing back pain and inflammation. Longer seated positions causes intense pressure on the spine and lower back muscles. It is almost impossible to maintain a healthy sitting position for long durations and this causes our backs to hunch and hurt over time. The pandemic, online classes and meetings have only served to make the problem worse. 

Healing powers of nature and Ayurveda help cure you of any bodily ailments that you may face. 

On the topic of back pain relief, let us delve into one of the practices that are followed for the treatment and relief of back pain related issues. 

Hot Stone Therapy

The practice is referred to as Shila Abhyanga in traditional India. The Hot Stone Therapy is a form of relaxing treatment where the use of basalt stones is predominant. These stones are supposed to be flat and heated to a comfortable temperature in order to suit the skin. Basalt is used due to its high iron content. This makes it ideal for the retention of heat, and therefore perfect for the practice. These stones are heated and then placed along the spine. They can also be placed on the palms and legs in order to provide relief to tense and sore muscles or tired bones. The stones are not positioned at random but at predetermined pressure points.  

The weight of the stones, along with the heat that they radiate works to ease the soreness of muscles. This is ideal for back pain as they work on the primary need of relaxation of muscles. The medical practitioner will often combine this with the use of oil, employing long strokes along the hands, legs, back and neck to further ease the tension in the body. The use of stones is also important as they assist in the alignment of the body towards a more natural posture. 

The basic idea behind the Hot Stone Therapy is scientific. When one part of a body is exposed to heated pressure for an extended period of time, the blood vessels in the area dilate and draw more blood to the area. This is ideal for understanding trigger points which are necessary for any massage treatment. The hydration of the skin and internal systems is very important during Hot Stone Therapy. The surface of the skin must be hydrated if it is too dry, and the internal level of liquid must also be moderate. 

Why Hot Stone Therapy?

The benefits of Hot Stone Therapy are gentle and gradual, just like everything naturopathic. We do not believe in overnight cures, as they do not provide lasting benefit. The Hot Stone Therapy is widely acknowledged as an effective method to reduce inflammation and pain while providing relief to muscles.

The most important benefit of the Hot Stone Therapy is the relief that it provides to the painful areas of the body. For example, when the hot stones are placed on the painful area of your lower back, over time it improves the blood flow and relaxes the muscles in the area, automatically reducing the pain. When the heated stones are placed correctly by the practitioner, they balance the internal chakras of the body and help in the alignment of bodily energy. That is the real meaning of Naturopathy, wherein the body and spirit are given equal importance in the treatment process. 

The treatment is also useful for improving the circulation of blood and lymph in the body, which assists in releasing the toxins of the body. The tighter muscles are straightened and allowed to take a natural alignment; the spine follows suit. It has also been known to improve the functioning of the visceral organs of the body, especially the liver. 

At Swaantana, the Natural way to treat body and joint pains is the way to go. We employ the use of only the best, organic products for your care and relief. Therefore, we include Hot Stone Therapy as part of our treatment plan. We understand how troubling back pains can be, and our experts trust in the ancient power of hot stones. The hot stones are integral to transmit heat to deep tissue and this is what promotes a healthier muscle structure. Through the use of these stones coupled with massages from our trained practitioners, back pains can be easily managed helping you live to the fullest. Contact us to know how we can improve your quality of living with a pain-free experience. 

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