Natural Therapies for Musculoskeletal Pains

Natural Therapies for Musculoskeletal Pains

Treatment for joint, muscle, and deep seated body pains with simple Natural Therapies.

With our hectic work schedules and incessant commitments, most of us are not able to give our bodies the care they need. Often, this lack of care leads to us developing lifestyle problems like weight-gain, thyroid, diabetes, etc. But one of the most common and often overlooked problems is joint and muscle pains, collectively called Musculoskeletal pains. The lack of regular movement and exercise is one of the major causes of these pains. There are a host of natural treatments and medications that assist in the wellbeing of the Musculoskeletal system, but first let us understand what these disorders are. 

  1. Frozen shoulder 

A condition that occurs when the joints of the shoulder are unable to move due to the thickening of the capsule encasing the joints. Tissue band form across the joint, restricting free movement. This can cause intense pain and restrict everyday functioning. No clear causes have been established yet, but pre-existing conditions such as diabetes are seen to play a role.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

In MS, the protective sheets on the nerve cells are progressively eroded, and this causes nerve deterioration and even permanent damage. Some of the major symptoms are the weakening and numbness of the limbs, most often of the legs. Most neck movements cause sharp pains. Regular tremors and unsteadiness are also associated symptoms. 

  1. Gout

A subtype of arthritis, Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid. It is usually seen in the male population. Gout causes inflammation and pain in one joint at a time. The painful flairs cause remissions of weeks on end. Gouts usually occur in the big toes of the patients, also in the knees and ankle joints. There is no proper cure, but treatment is effective in managing the pain and discomfort.

  1. Muscular Dystrophy

This is a condition which causes a severe loss in the muscle mass of a person, leading to a weakness and other bodily shortcomings. It often surfaces in childhood, and is more likely to affect boys. The weakness in the muscles makes everyday actions like running and jumping difficult. They also cause falling and trouble while lying down. 

There are multiple alternative therapies that can help not only manage but also treat these musculoskeletal issues. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

Alternative Therapies For Musculoskeletal Disorders

The most widely acknowledged therapy for musculoskeletal disorders is Yoga. Yoga, the ancient Indian exercise, helps to maintain the health of both body and mind. In the case of the musculoskeletal system, Yoga has been seen to reduce tenderness of muscles, improve movement of joints and bones, and alleviate pain & inflammation. Regular Yoga practise will assist the movement of your joints and muscles, and lead to a reduction in chronic pain. There are studies that show that Yoga improves lower back pains, improves grip strength and balance, including numerous other health benefits.

The ancient Asian art of Tai Chi has also been known to alleviate the symptoms of Musculoskeletal Disorders. Tai Chi is a mind-body exercise similar to Yoga, and widely accepted as an alleviator of Chronic Pain. The pain and inflammation that arise from musculoskeletal disorders like osteoporosis, Lower Back Pain and fibromyalgia can be managed using Tai Chi.

Osteopathy is a treatment plan that involves the active manipulation of the body’s bones and muscles in order to alleviate pain and improve posture. Osteopathy has been known to reduce the pain caused by Musculoskeletal disorders. It mostly focuses on the anatomical regions of the neck, knees, lower back, wrists and such, and provides localized treatment to the area to improve its functioning.  

Acupuncture is another important method that is used to combat the effects of Musculoskeletal pain. Acupuncture believes that the pain is caused by a disbalance in bodily energy. By the use of pins inserted at critical points, acupuncture helps relieve the pressure and restore balance to the flow of bodily energy. 

Different therapies definitely help against Musculoskeletal pains. However, diet is one aspect that needs to be kept in mind, when dealing with deep seated pains. 

Nutrients for a Healthy Musculoskeletal System

All systems of the body require nutrients to function correctly. The Musculoskeletal system is no different, and there are specific nutrients, vitamins, herbs and foods that help in the maintenance of the system. 

One of the best-known natural products for inflammation (a common symptom of Musculoskeletal pain) is turmeric. Turmeric contains one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory agents – curcumin. Curcumin has been proven to lessen the inflammation caused in joints and such, and is also known to help make movement easier and smoother. The swelling of joints and stiffness are also symptoms that get reduced by turmeric. It can be applied on the affected area, or consumed orally. 

An important mineral that is required by the body is calcium, which can also heal Musculoskeletal disorders. Calcium is one the primary minerals required to maintain the health and vitality of our bones. Rather than relying on supplements, dietary changes can be made to promote calcium. Dairy products, in any form, are one of the most important sources of calcium. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and lettuce are rich sources of Calcium. Magnesium is another integral mineral that is required as it supports that bone system as well as the muscular system. Magnesium helps the muscles to relax after they stretch. A lack of magnesium usually leads to cramps. It moves sugars to the muscle and reduces lactate buildup. Magnesium is important for bone synthesis and maintains bone density. 

Ginger is a root that has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore useful in the treatment process of Musculoskeletal disorders. There are many more herbs and roots that are essential in managing, and in some cases, eliminating the pains. These herbs are an active ingredient in the diet and therapy sessions of Swaantana. 

Swaantana’s Approach Towards Musculoskeletal Disorders 

We believe in the naturopathic way of healing, and we combine the knowledge of the ancients with the science of the future to bring to you the best treatment for lifestyle related problems. The very first practice we promote is that of Yoga, as it is one of the primary natural treatments for all bodily disorders. The regular practice of the same keeps the bones and muscles active through stretching and use, while helping with pain management. 

Our Naturopathy specialists and trained Yoga teachers will lead you into specific practices such as Kati Vasti – a treatment form where warm oil is applied to the lower back area to soothe the aching muscles and reduce inflammation; Greeva Vasti – where medicated oil is poured over the back of the neck to relieve the pain in the region; and Janu Vasti – where the knees are bathed in warm medicated oil also to relieve pain. All these procedures are preceded by the application of a gram flour dough over the affected area to compress the region.  

We have also perfected the art of Abhiyangam, a process where medicated oil is applied to the entire body of the individual, from the top of the head to the soles. The application is accompanied by massaging strokes which help relieve the tension of the muscles and alleviate pain. There is also the added benefit of stress relief, that is a proven effect of the Abhiyangan treatment. It is an overall massage that works towards pain management of the body.

Steaming sessions on the affected area allows the heat to enter the joints and muscles causing them to relax and function better. The heat works in reducing inflammation as well. Mustard seeds are known to provide pain relief, hence, we apply a mustard pack to the affected region. A similar principle is applied to our Hot Mud treatment, where heated mud is applied to the painful joints and muscles to provide relaxation to our clients. 

At Swaantana, we also provide the treatment practice of acupuncture, wherein our Acupuncture practitioners will provide you with the best needle treatment. Infrared therapy is yet another solution where infrared rays are projected on the affected area of the body. This therapy has been known to relieve pain while being completely safe. Living with pain should never become a habit. Joint, muscle, and deep seated body pains can be easily gotten rid of with simple Natural Therapies. If you are looking to relieve yourself of these pains, then consult a Naturopath, today!

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