Natural Therapies & Treatment For Weight Loss

Natural Therapies & Treatment For Weight Loss

A mix of therapies help bring down the unhealthy weight and also prevent it from returning.

Healthy living should be one of the predominant goals of our lives. One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy weight. There are a variety of harsh diets, chemical and artificial processes today that claim to reduce weight. But they come with side-effects and other disruptions.

At Swaantana, we do not believe in such disruptive treatments. We prefer and profess the naturopathic way, and we use Ayurvedic methods combined with naturopathic treatment to help you achieve the healthy weight that you desire. Let’s understand what leads to unhealthy weight-gain and how it can be tackled.

Major Causes Of Weight Gain

  1. Genetic Factors – There are a number of genetic conditions that add to body weight, independent of engaging in weight-gaining behaviour. Two such genetic disorders are Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. Specific genetic codes also make people more susceptible to gaining weight. Such conditions may support weight gain but are helped along by external factors.  
  2. Health and Medical Conditions – Diseases are also a major cause of undue weight increase. Cushing’s disease and polycystic ovary syndrome are some of the common diseases that cause unhealthy weight gain. Often the side effects of certain medications may also be a lead to undue weight gain. A faulty thyroid gland can also be one of the reasons for the same.
  3. Surrounding Environment – There are a variety of factors that cause undue weight gain. The lack of places to exercise is quoted as one of the main reasons. The availability of unhealthy or junk food in enormous portions at cheap costs, at the push of a button, is another major contributor. Affordable, healthy food though not difficult to obtain, is consumed less. People rely heavily on oily, salty foods, which adds to unhealthy weight gain.
  4. Food Intake and Physical Exercise – An obvious reason for weight gain is the quality and quantity of food that one consumes. A person who consumes a salad is definitely less likely to gain unhealthy weight than someone who consumes a cheesy plate of spaghetti. Eating foods with saturated fats and added sugars directly adds to the weight that will eventually be gained from the meal.

Regular exercise and physical activity go a long way in preventing weight gain, as the usage of the body reduces the amount of weight that accumulates on the body. However, a lack of the same has become a very common lifestyle.

  • Disturbed Sleep and Stressors – Stress often causes an unusual amount of food intake which can, in turn, affect the number of calories being consumed. A lack of proper and peaceful sleep has also been proven to be a major contributor to weight gain. This is because sleep promotes the release of hormones that curb appetite and assist the burning of calories.

So, let’s understand how Ayurveda helps tackle these weight-gain factors.

The Ayurvedic Approach To Weight Loss

Unlike the modern approach towards the issue, Ayurveda does not look at short term solutions to losing weight. It promotes the gradual betterment of lifestyle and the eventual control of weight, by focusing on the life forces involved in existence. The holistic treatment of the body is focused on, as Ayurveda believes in treating the root causes of lifestyle problems. The treatments are individualized yet multidirectional, to provide the adequate care that you require.

According to Ayurveda, obesity and weight gain are caused by an irregular sleep pattern, an unhealthy lifestyle paired with damaging foods. The fat tissue that mostly accumulates around the belly area happens to be the major problem. It is said to block all-natural and digestive channels of the body, which may lead to more weight gain. Ayurveda promotes the intake of foods and liquids that keep these channels intact and function optimally.

Pitta, Kapha And Vata Approach Of Ayurveda

The whole-systems Ayurveda and Yoga therapy is a widely recognised method of treatment, which employs the philosophies of the Charaka Samhita. The focus, in this case, is on the Five Elements of Ayurveda – Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether. These combine to give us three biogenetic systems, each of which requires a specific type of care to maintain.

 Pitta Air and Ether
 Kapha Fire and Water
 Vata Water and Earth

Pitta, Kapha and Vata are known as the three Doshas, and it is based on these that the individual is classified and treated. Sthaulya is referred to as obesity-related issues, and this is said to be caused by excess Water and Earth elements in the body. This leads to an accumulation of adipose tissue and a subsequent increase in weight. Pitta deals with the metabolic system and is involved in the absorption, digestion, nutrition and metabolism. It is a combination of the Air and Ether. Kapha, a combination of Fire and Water is regarded as the causative factor of weight gain. This is because when Kapha is out of balance it leads to wet cough, sluggish digestive processes, and an overall laziness. This decreases the body’s metabolism and increases fat deposits.

Natural Medicine and Herbs for Weight Loss

1.     Triphala – Triphala is the combination of three herbs – Amla, Baheda and Harada. It is widely renowned as a weight-loss supplement. The stomach, small intestine and large intestine are three of the major organs that Triphala acts on. The flushing out of toxins is a major function. It also works to keep the colon toned and functioning. All of these combined actions help the better digestion of food and lower weight gain.

2.     Guggul – The medical plant Guggul is best known for promoting the secretion of Thyroid hormone. It is involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates. proteins, and fats. It is also well known for the reduction in the levels of cholesterol in the body and is overall a useful herb to consume.

3.     Kalonji seeds -The Kalonji seed is a wonder for weight loss. They are highly fibrous and assist in curbing overeating. Adding Kalonji seeds to your regular diet will add a punch of nutrition and will leave you feeling full. A small amount of these seeds is very effective for those who are trying to cut down on their food intake. It is most effective when combined with a low-calorie diet.

4.     Vijaysar – The Vijaysar is a large tree whose bark is known to have medicinal properties. It is considered as one of the miracle plants to help with diabetes, but it also has agents that control weight. The bark is said to have properties that function to shed the fat that accumulates around the belly region. The bark is also known to help with the digestive system of the body and can be consumed easily as a tea.

Where We Come In:

Swaantana is not a believer in overnight weight loss treatments. We find the root causes of the weight gain that plagues the guests and provide a naturopathic treatment plan to curb weight gain. A holistic approach is chosen, where your entire lifestyle is taken into consideration and the fallacies in the routine are picked out. Our goal is to counter these unhealthy habits while providing physical therapies to improve the condition.

Yoga is one of the methods that our experts employ for the reduction of weight. Once the weight condition is assessed, routine yogic positions and exercises will be provided to stretch the body and provide adequate exercise to reduce the accumulation of fat. Though this is targeted at the fatty tissue, it also helps in the holistic health of the body.

Hydrotherapy is an important aspect of our treatment program. The variations in the temperature of the water is used to activate and invigorate the body. The water makes working out more intense yet simpler. It also promotes the release of toxins from the body. More calories are burnt during hydrotherapy, resulting in reduction of weight.

Manipulation or massage therapy is another major part of what we do. The massage of the weighty area promotes better circulation and even boosts metabolism. The manipulation of the body will help provide a base on which further weight loss treatments can be deployed.

We do not simply focus on the outside but provide inner goodness as well. The diet is an integral part of weight loss, and we understand that the needs of each guest are unique. Through elaborate diet plans and customized meals, we promote healthier and nutritious foods intake.

Apart from this, we also employ the use of Ayurvedic methods, acupuncture and homoeopathy to curb the unhealthy weight gain. Contact us today.

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