Suffering from diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, asthma?
Sitting for too long at work and in front of digital screens?
Challenged with habitual alcohol and smoking consumption?
Having a sedentary lifestyle and associated disorders?
Wish for periodic health and wellness maintenance?


A Rejuvenating Detox Therapy

Complete Body Detox Protocols

A multidisciplinary approach  that helps revitalize the body’s energies by flushing out toxins and increasing  organ functions.

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Most toxins accumulate in our bodies everyday. They are produced within the body during metabolism or body functions.


These toxins constantly affect the body enzymes, making them weak and preventing them from performing optimally.


Increase in stress levels further damage organ functions and increase toxic activities.

Detox Helps You Experience Instant Positive Bodily Changes

Improved organ function

Appropriate weight advantages

Renewed energies & reduced stress

Recommended every 3 months, this 7 or 11 day program (decided as per a Medical Specialist), a Detox at Swaantana will help you move towards wellness and good health

Why Get A Detox At Swaantana?

Our Detox Facilitators


Years' Cumulative Experience


Curated Treatment Protocols


Evidence-based Natural Therapies

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