Swaantana Health Village – Institute of Integrated Natural Medicine

Pathways. Fountains. Nature Views. Every element lends you a healing hand.

The Swaantana Health Village – a comforting sojourn, a deep solace and a sigh of relief will be your truest experience far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Located 30km away from Hyderabad, the village takes you on an enlightening journey of self-awareness and healing. Every aspect is meticulously planned and constructed to let you discover the innate healer in you.

Swaantana Health Village – Institute of Integrated Natural Medicine

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    Start with immersing yourself in a therapeutic journey with Parnasala
    Parnasala at Swaantana Health Village is a spaciously designed and designated wellness Centre to help guests undergo Yoga sessions, treatments and therapies. A calm and soothing ambience and privacy lets guests rebuild the lost synergy between physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Facilities at the Parnasala include the various therapy rooms, gym, yoga hall etc.

    With Swaantana Avasa, a sound sleep is the therapy you’ll resume your day with.

    A gentle breeze will cocoon you to rest. Every morning you will rise and shine to chirpy tunes. Your accommodation at Swaantana Health Village will be as soothing as the scenic ambience that enwraps you. Spacious and lavishly ventilated rooms accompanied by modern amenities will make your stay memorable. Premium rooms or suite rooms, you can choose from three different accommodation options for a comfortable stay at Swaantana.

    With us, even the leafy greens and herbs will taste a lot tastier.
    What you eat matters the most when you are on the path to natural healing. Our nutritionists and chefs will prescribe a wholesome diet plan that will help in boosting the healing mechanism of your body. While you relish nutrient-rich meals and juices, the dietary plan will assist your body to begin the process of elimination of toxins. You will feel complete as you are on a rejuvenation journey with the curative diet therapy.

    Heal, rejuvenate and grow with us at the Swaantana Health Village.