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Live The Swaantana Life

Swaantana (Institute of Integrated Natural Medicine) is located 30km away from Hyderabad, in amidst a serene environment of lush greenery. Accompanied by natural medicine practitioners, Swaantana helps you align the mind, body and soul through natural therapies. With a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Swaantana offers you a healing process that undoes years of chronic lifestyle damage.

Experience Personalised Therapies

We combine various natural therapies to help you find a unique healing process that works for your inner self. The goal of these solutions is to help you rediscover your lost energies and connect with your inner healer.
swaantana mandola logo

Our customized holistic multi-disciplinary approach:

Yoga & Meditation
Lifestyle Care
Family Nutrition



Reiki Therapy

Emergency Allopathy

Swaantana helps you modify lifestyle habits, dietary regimen and preferences through preventive, curative and rejuvenating health programs.
Customised Multi-disciplinary Therapy Protocols

We provide holistic and natural healing by integrating Traditional Methods, Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapies.

Family Nutrition
We promote the health and wellness of our guests as well as their family members by designing a wholesome diet plan for everyday life.
Continuum Care
We continue to assist our guests even after they get discharged from our Health Village with our mobile app. The intention is to provide continuous health assistance and monitor progress.