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Natural Immunity Building Protocols

Nature has the power to restore us, it has an inherent ability to heal, restore and maintain one's body and soul.

It's time to boost your immunity with Swaantana.
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Swaantana's natural medicine professionals will help you self-heal, restore health and build immunity.







Nature is your doctor and we, the facilitators

Swaantana helps you resume your health restoration process with confidence and ease. We have on board the best natural medicine practitioners to take you through a holistic healing journey. Our team of doctors and therapists are specialized in Lifestyle Care, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga & Meditation, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Acupressure and Family Nutrition.

They are ably led by Dr. B. Nagaraju (MS, MCh, PGDHA, HMP-ISB) who with his vast experience in the healthcare domain wants to transform the way health and healing has been perceived for years, by harmoniously combining various medical systems and methodologies.

Your Homeopathic Practitioner
Dr. Atla Rajender Reddy
Your Naturopathic Practitioner
Dr Suresh Naik
Your Naturopathic Practitioner
Dr. Bhargava Boddu
Your Ayurvedic Practitioner
Dr. K.Sridhar
Your Ayurvedic Practitioner
Dr. R. Vidyanath
Your Dietitian
Dr. Lahari Surapaneni

Is video consultation available?

Yes, you can easily consult with our natural medicine practitioners over a video call

  • Place a request for callback with our counselor.
  • Counselor calls and understands the medical history and concerns.
  • Counselor arranges a video call with the natural medicine practitioner at specified time.

I have diabetes, but my sugar is in control. Should I still consult at Swaantana?

Yes- while it is great that your sugar is in control, however, research shows that you are at a higher risk of catching an infection, and more importantly, recovering from it. Our natural medicine practitioners will evaluate your current parameters before suggesting any treatment plan.

How can "Boosting Your Immunity" help?

Currently, the best possible option we have is “Prevention.” While we adopt physical prevention methods, it is important to boost our immunity naturally, not only to help reduce the severity of the disease but also to reduce the chances of getting any other complications - keeping the existing lifestyle disorders.

Where is Swaantana located?

The Swaantana clinic is located in Jubilee hills, near the Peddamma Gudi Metro Station, above Dadu’s. Also, we invite you to the Swaantana Health Village, our lush-green, Institute of Natural Medicine, which is located near Pragati Resorts, Shankerpally.

What can I expect once I call Swaantana?

Once you call us, you will talk to our natural medicine practitioner - especially Ayurveda and Naturopathy. They will evaluate your existing medical parameters and help create a treatment plan for you.

What is the philosophy of Swaantana and how will it address Lifestyle Disorder?

Lifestyle Disorders trigger due to disconnect of an individual from nature. Swaantana will realign you with nature in a systematic and orderly manner through:

  • Detoxification of body which is the first step
  • Lifestyle Care
  • Family nutrition Plan. for the entire family
  • Long-term post-checkout continuum of care
Still have questions? Call Us +91 9010099905 for answers
Still have questions?
Call Us +91 9010099905 for answers

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For video consultation Call us at - +91 89714 84267, +91 90100 99905

Swantana Health Clinic - Near Peddamma Gudi Metro, Road 36, Jubilee Hills.

Swantana Health Village - Institute of Natural Medicine, located near Pragati Resorts, Shankarpally