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Reiki Therapy

Our body has a strong self-healing ability guided by the energy flowing in and around the body. When there is pain or injury, this energy stagnates and the blocks can cause illness. Reiki is a holistic approach to rectifying the energy imbalance by channelizing and harmonizing a healthy flow of energy in the body which will promote relaxation, pain relief, stress relief and healing. This has a tremendous effect as it cures the root cause of the problem and promotes overall well-being.

At Swaantana, the gentle yet powerful Reiki treatment is used to activate self-healing in the body to correct minor as well as major health conditions – from cold, cough, hypertension, anxiety, insomnia and depression to even kidney diseases or neutralizing the adverse effects of cancer treatment. Every session is customized to the patient’s specific ailment and delivered in a calm and soothing environment that aids recovery and good health.

Apart from moving the palms to guide the energy in the body, our Reiki therapists also use world-class complementary tools like a Bio Mat 7000 Professional and music to deliver sustained healing. The patient is introduced to giving self-Reiki and Reiki meditation to continue this powerful journey of complete healing. If needed, Reiki will be seamlessly integrated with other concordant treatment modalities to heal especially challenging or chronic health conditions.

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