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We aim to become a renowned institute for holistic well-being that promotes natural healing through the distinctive benefits of traditional methods and alternative medicine. Our approach to natural healing will be customized to individuals and illnesses to help them prevent and overcome lifestyle ailments. In the tranquility of nature, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach of integrating alternative medicine and other complementary therapies we help you find your unique wellness path.
Our founder and Managing Director Dr. Bathini Nagaraju, has vast experience in the health care domain as a renowned Urologist, medical practitioner and efficient administrator. His vision to provide a holistic approach that helps prevent lifestyle ailments, has led him to establish Swaantana – the Institute of Natural Medicine. He envisages transforming the way health and healing has been perceived for years, by harmoniously combining various medical systems and methodologies.
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Our team of Medical Praticioners excel in their individual fields. They come from Arurveda, Naturpotahy, Nutrition and Lifestyle Disorder backgrounds. They indulge in a thorough and complete assessment of your medical conditions and provide unique solutions.
Our team of Facilitators understand your needs of an improvement in a holistic way of living. They help you understand each therapy and its effects on your body. The therapists come with years of practice in understanding the human body and working on pathways that lead to a healthier version of you.

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