Our belief system is rooted - In the abundance of Mother Nature

Swaantana Soul

We aim to become a renowned institute for holistic well-being that promotes natural healing through the distinctive benefits of traditional methods and alternative medicine.

Our approach to natural healing will be customized to individuals and illnesses to help them prevent and overcome lifestyle ailments. In the tranquility of nature, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach of integrating alternative medicine and other complementary therapies we help you find your unique wellness path.

Dr. Bathini Nagaraju 

Founder and Managing Director

He has vast experience in the health care domain as a renowned Urologist, medical practitioner and efficient administrator. His vision to provide a holistic approach that helps prevent lifestyle ailments, has led him to establish Swaantana – the Institute of Natural Medicine. He envisages transforming the way health and healing has been perceived for years, by harmoniously combining various medical systems and methodologies.

Know our Team

Our team of Medical Praticioners excel in their individual fields. They come from Arurveda, Naturpotahy, Nutrition and Lifestyle Disorder backgrounds. They indulge in a thorough and complete assessment of your medical conditions and provide unique solutions.

Take control of your life with unique integrated alternative therapies


Dr. Atla Rajender Reddy

MD (Homeopathy), MS

He is an approved resource person in Philosophy and Organon of Medicine by the Govt. of India.


Dr. Sateesha Ranjanagi


BAMS, MD, RES (Microbiology)

He has specialized in treating patients with medical conditions varying from Metabolic Syndromes, Subfertility, Infertility, Disc Diseases, Neuromuscular Conditions and Lifestyle Disorders.


Dr. K. Sridhar


MD (Ayurveda)

He is expertise in Pain Management, Infertility, Diabetes, Skin Disorders, Obesity.


Dr. Anand Dhoot

MD (Homeopathy)

He is an expert Homeopathy practitioner specialized in counseling to cope with stress for children and adults.

Suffering from Chronic medical conditions / Infertility/ Lifestyle Disorders/ Diabetes/ Skin Disorders?


Dr. Bhargava Boddu

ND (Naturopathy)

He  is a Naturopathy Physician and Wellness Management professional with expertise in Nutrition Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Hydrotherapy.

Dr. Harini Atturu

Dr. Harini Atturu

MBBS, MRC Psych (London), MSc in Psychiatry (UK)

She is Expertise in Lifestyle Modification Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder Autism, Drug & Alcohol Addictions Intellectual disabilities.

Dr. Fazal Ahmed

Dr. Fazal Ahmed

Unani Doctor, Senior Consultant.

He has a specialization in Skin (Spl Psoriasis and Beauty Care), VD, Chronic diseases, Diabetes, Obesity and specially Sexual disorders.

Dr. Srinivas Gupta

Dr. Srinivas Gupta

M.B.S. (Homeo), OSM Homeopathic & Holistic Wellness Consultant

He  is an expert in treating sleep disorders , Insomnia, Mental Stress, Mind-Body Imbalance through specialized Oorja technique.

Suffering with Stress / Anxiety/ Obesity/ Sleeping Disorders/ Neurological Disorders?

Dr. Raj Penumatcha

Therapist, Health Coach and Consultant (Mind Body Medicine) FMCHC, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist

He is expertise in delivering alternative and complimentary therapeutic solutions for chronic conditions at spiritual and intellectual levels.

Dr. Raghu T

M.D (Ayu) Manovijnana Evam Manasaroga

He is an Ayurveda Psychiatrist with expertise in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy  who can assist people with mental ailments.

Dr. K. Elavarasan

MD(S)., Siddha Consultant

He is an active, enthusiastic and cordial person to create awareness about the Indian system of medicine especially Tamil system of medicine.

Dr. Ch. Sandeep


He has gained rich experience in Naturopathy & Yoga through postings in various leading healthcare centers. He has worked on cruise ships & gained international standards in wellness programs.

Dr. Suresh Naik


He is an expertise in Yoga, Meditation and Counseling to beat stress-related diseases with Relaxation Techniques.

Dr. Durga PKM


Have 5 years of experience. Expert in jaloukavacharana, agnikarma, kriyakalpa procedures.

Self preparation medicines which can be used for in patient treatments and preparation of beauty enhancing medicines like kumkumaadi thailam, ayurvedic hair serum, herbal face scrubs etc.

Dt. Priyanka

Msc. Food Science and Nutrition

Have experience in preparing diet charts according to the conditions of the patient like weight gain,weight loss,diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Guiding patients and people to make changes or modifications in their diet to improve their health and lifestyle and also have idea about scientific aspects of food and nutrition

Dt. Aparna

Msc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

She can help people achieve their goals by analyzing their physical condition and other health concerns and preparing customised menu plans that meets thier individual needs and dietary preferences for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, obese, hypertension, and other conditions.

 Conduct and talk to groups to promote healthy eating habits and proper family nutrition

Dr. Kondra Prudhviraj

Physiotherapist (PT)

Having 2years  experience in neurological and orthopaedic conditions.

expert in pain management.

Aquatic and Body fitness trainer.

Suffering from Chronic medical conditions / Infertility/ Lifestyle Disorders/ Diabetes/ Skin Disorders?

Our team of Facilitators understand your needs of an improvement in a holistic way of living. They help you understand each therapy and its effects on your body. The therapists come with years of practice in understanding the human body and working on pathways that lead to a healthier version of you.

Get in touch with us to discover more about how Swaantana can restore your health and well-being.

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