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Poor lifestyle preferences, incorrect dietary choices and unhealthy habits are leading us to the imbalance of health and are manifesting as Lifestyle Disorders.
At Swaantana, we offer a mix of approaches – Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation. These approaches work towards improving your food, exercises and lifestyle positively.
Holistic Health Counseling
To ensure that we understand how you live your life everyday, the medical conditions that afflict you – the Swaantana counselor spends almost 30 mins to a couple of hours with you. At the end of this session, the counselor will understand your emotional, physiological, psychological, nutritional, social, cultural, environmental and spiritual well-being.
Since Swaantana only offers customized holistic healing programs, this step is crucial for the team to understand your complete picture.
Interaction with Natural Medicine Practitioners
Once this is done, our panel of natural medicine practitioners will review your profile and help identify the best possible combination of natural medicine protocols that will benefit you for a lifetime. Accordingly, you are introduced to multiple practitioners and encouraged to understand and appreciate the suggested protocol.
Individual Holistic Treatment
Depending on the evaluation, in case it is possible to administer the protocol at the Swaantana Lifestyle Clinic, it is done so. Alternatively, the guest is suggested a stay at the Swaantana Health Village, where the entire treatment is supervised by our resident doctor.

Continuum Care
At Swaantana, we believe that once you associate with us, it is our joint responsibility to help you continue on the path of healing everyday. To help you on this journey, we offer the Swaantana app, which will help you stay connected with your treatment protocol, doctors, and us.