Natural Therapy to Regulate Weight

The importance of maintaining a healthy weight is often underestimated by most. Obesity leads to serious health problems such as infertility, heart disease, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes and cancer. Medohara Chikitsa offers natural therapies for obesity and weight loss which has been used for centuries in India.

Medohara Chikitsa is based on

A tradition of 500+ years of cumulative expertise of Integrated Natural Medicine

5000+ Curated natural & practitioner therapies.

250+ evidence based natural therapies.

Medohara Chikitsa is the only integrative medicine programme that offers you a solution to your health and weight loss needs. We use a combination of natural therapies, including diet, exercise, yoga, Ayurveda & more to make you healthier and happier than ever before.

Get a Weight Loss with an evidence – based approach which is personalized and rooted in tradition

Weight loss is an ongoing challenge for many people especially those with obesity. Medohara Chikitsa offers personalized & sustainable weight loss programs, grounded in traditional medicine and tailored to Individual needs.

Lose weight to live better

Lose weight and get back to the life you deserve with Medohara Chikitsa. We help you lose weight by identifying and addressing the root cause of your problem. From hormonal imbalance to a bad diet or psychological issue, we have all the tools for you, no matter what your weight concern is.

Sustainable Weight Loss

After the initial weight loss, it is important to maintain weight and prevent further weight gain. Medohara offers a sustainable way forward with a detailed program of healthy eating and lifestyle change for the long term.

A 10 days Therapy Protocol includes:

Abhyangana, Udhvartana, Kashaya Vasti, Circular Jet Bath, Sauna Bath etc. 

A stay at serene environment amidst 30,000+ medical plants

4 delicious & nutritious meals.

Lose Weight with
Medohara Chikitsa

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